Work of design class. My professor said I should pick a topic and do a coullage with analogous collors. In the car, back to home I thought “this is my design” and that…is my design…hope she like it.

I was waiting to see the movie - the winter soldier -. Long wait for a fangirl like me, who love Bucky and Sebastian. After the movie, a kid stares me because of my shirt, and that was funny. It was not the first time, some like that always happened when I use the shirt of Mark 42. That , ade my day.

A foto não é nada comparado a ela saindo correndo, fazendo a pose, dizendo pra esperar e arremessar a bolsa. My sis being a fangirl that she is. She just run for her life when is about Andrew Garfield. #theamazingspiderman #andrewgarfield #marvel #comic #fangirl #spiderman

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Read the book of the Sith become harder because this mark book my sis gave to me. Cumberbomb cumberbatching everything.

Can we just applause our Captain , our dear Colin for his acting tonight, because I’m dead

Life 10000% done in this scene.


April 12th, 1979

What we saw here in Brazil. Steve Rogers notes of “what I lost in the last years”.